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About Us

Welcome to Orchard Saturday Club

Orchard Saturday Club is a small respite charity offering support and short-breaks to families living with children with severe and profound learning difficulties and associated medical and behavioural challenges.  We run 2 alternate sessions fortnightly, one for youngsters between 8 and 14 years of age and the other for those between 14 and 19 and we have a maximum group size of 12 per session.  We offer different ranges of activities taking into account the age and interests of the young people. The aim and ethos of the Club is to engage our young people in social activities in the ‘real world’ by supporting their social and communication development and increasing their tolerance of new experiences and activities.  We work on a 1:1 basis, with support workers from a wide range of backgrounds who offer the children in their care a brilliant range of skills and specialisms.

Orchard Saturday Club accepts young people with severe or profound learning difficulties from the Teignbridge area initially, although we are able to accept placements from across Devon.

 We have highly trained staff and can welcome children with medical needs, medical interventions, autism, communication needs, behavioural challenges… the list goes on.  We will source appropriate training before taking on any children that present new challenges to us but welcome everyone to make enquiries.  Currently we have a waiting list for both groups but can accept children to those lists following a parental visit and confirmation that they would like their child to be considered.

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